[Python.NET] RunString does not work

Brian Lloyd brian.lloyd at revolution.com
Mon Mar 5 17:34:35 CET 2007

FYI, if you are getting a NameError using RunString that usually means that
the string 
you run needs to do some imports ‹ remember that RunString creates
(essentially) a 
totally new global local namespace, so you¹ll need to import any names you
need in 
your code snippet.



  ...will fail


  import CLR
  import CLR.Food

  ...should work

hope this helps,


On 3/4/07 4:37 AM, "Seshagiri Cherukuri" <seshagiri.cherukuri at gmail.com>

> hi All, 
> I have embedded pythonnet into my C# application and this works great as far
> as creating .net objects from python, executing methods etc.
> Here I am using the RunSimpleString (the PyRun_SimpleString) wrapper to send
> commands from the C# application to the pythonnet.
> However I am facing the following problems:
> 1. After RunSimpleString, PyErr_Occurred or PyErr_Fetch are not able to detect
> any exceptions even if they did occur
> - for example, consider the code - curErr =
> PythonEngine.RunSimpleString("10/0\n" );
> - this code does return a -1 value indicating error.
> - however after this none of PyErr_Occurred or PyErr_Fetch do not detect this
> error
> - from python documentation it looks like there is no way to obtain the
> exception information
> 2. using RunString
> - because of above problem I want to send a multi-line code including a
> try-except: block
> - I have tried using RunString with all the three modes - Py_eval_input,
> Py_single_input and Py_file_input
> - The RunString works only if the code does not have any .net objects or does
> not include any .net exceptions
> - If the code sent to RunString includes a .net object e.g. obj, then
> RunString always returns in NameError, obj is not defined
> 3. Strangely, if I run the console application, it is able to work with .net
> exceptions - both .net and user defined exceptions
> 4. Is this because of the new dictionary created while in RunString?
> thanks
> Sesh Cherukuri
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