[Python.NET] What can I do with DLL?

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Tue Nov 6 19:38:00 CET 2007

jane janet wrote:
> I'm a student. I wanna know how to do about my project.
> I implemented aplication using Ironpython because I have to use .NET library and c# code but I also have to use this application with another Python implemented application. My teacher want me to create DLL file of IronPython implemented application. I don't know how to begin. Please help me.

If you really want to develop with IronPython you are on the wrong list.
 PythonDotNet is about integrating .NET assemblies in CPython
applications or vice versa.

Using IronPython and PythonDotNet in the same application isn't a task
for a student's project. I'm sorry but that's far too complex. It may be
task for a diploma or master topic. You'd need intimate knowledge of the
C implementation of Python, the C# implementation of IronPython plus
extended knowledge of C, C#, .NET reflections and other technologies.
You have to understand how to deal with pointers and direct memory
manipulation in C#. It's non trivial in C and it's even more complex
with .NET and C#.

In my opinion as PythonDotNet sustentative developer and CPython core
developer your professor is asking too much. You'd have a fair chance to
develop an assembly (DLL) with C# and use it in CPython using
PythonDotNet or you could develop everything with IronPython. A useful
and high-performance apps combining both technologies it out of scope
for a student without extensive knowledge about CPython and IronPython.
I myself wouldn't do it and I've developed parts of PythonDotNet and
Python 3000.


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