[Python.NET] Configuration on Ubuntu: Assembly not found error...

Jim jhargraveiii at comcast.net
Sun Nov 18 06:10:57 CET 2007

My python is 2.4 UCS4 on Ubuntu 7.10. I was able to build the 
Python.Runtime.dll. I used the pre-built clr.so (wouldn't build) and 
copied it to /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages.  I also built a special 
python2.4 dynamically linked to libpython.

I copied Python.Runtime.dll to /usr/bin (same location as my python2.4), 
but when try "import clr" I get the error "Assemblies not found".

However when I launch python2.4 in the same directory as 
Python.Runtime.dll the "import clr" works without error. Alsp 
clrpython2.4 crashes unless I launch it in the same directory is 

Obviously python is not finding my Python.Runtime.dll. Where should this 
  file be copied so that it can be found no matter where python is launched?


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