[Python.NET] Configuration on Ubuntu: Assembly not found error...

Jim jhargraveiii at comcast.net
Mon Nov 19 00:02:10 CET 2007


export MONO_PATH=/usr/lib/mono/python2.4

I place Python.Runtime.dll in the dir above.

import clr says the assembles still can't be found.


Christian Heimes wrote:
> Sanghyeon Seo wrote:
>  > You should install it to the Global Assembly Cache(GAC).
>> $ gacutil -i Python.Runtime.dll
> In order to install an assembly in the GAC it must have a strong name.
> I've signed the assemblies in the preview zip. As far as I remember they
> can be installed to the GAC, too.
> However I recommend against the GAC. Only stable assemblies with a fixed
> api should be installed in the GAC. I don't consider a beta as stable
> enough. For Mono you can use the env var MONO_PATH.
> Christian
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