[Python.NET] Added 64-bit support, delegates/events broken?

John Burnett JBurnett at blizzard.com
Mon Nov 19 02:09:17 CET 2007

(re-posting to break it out of the Ubuntu thread... my bad, sorry)

I've made a few changes necessary to make python.net 64-bit compatible.  I can check in the changes on Monday (unless I need an account set up first?)  I also fixed a broken test case wrt. exceptions.

That said, I'm getting unrelated hard crashes when running the test cases for either events or delegates (i.e. the whole test harness crashes out).  Is anyone else seeing this, or is it something peculiar with my setup (it's happening in both 32 and 64 bit Vista, compiled under VS2005).  I can post details on Monday if necessary...

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