[Python.NET] problem with inheritance? ironpython ok, python.net - different

Brian Lloyd brian.lloyd at revolutionhealth.com
Fri Oct 19 21:55:12 CEST 2007

> That does indeed help.  Strangely I think I even follow your points :).
> I will see if there is another way that will work with both python.net and
> IronPython.  The other issue I have started to look at is getting to the
> GUI thread (and the controls in the main form), from other threads.  In
> IronPython there is some odd 'CallTarget0' stuff to allow you to Invoke/access
> data across threads.  Is there something like that in Python.net?  This is
> not of vital importance - just curiosity.  I was working on a half *ssed
> IronPython 'IDE' written in IronPython and was shocked to see that the
> application actually ran under Python.net but then ran into the issue I
> described in the previous post as well as this other issue.  It will not be
> a big deal if it does not work.
> Thanks for the quick and understandable reply!
> David 

IP and python.net use pretty different models for this, since python.net
has to cooperate with the std python global interpreter lock (IronPython
does not replicate the GIL in its implementation).

The GIL, in addition to the various restrictions .NET makes on interaction
with the GUI thread will probably make for some fun times and late nights
if you try to do anything too fancy ;)

Brian Lloyd

brian.lloyd at revolutionhealth.com

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