[Python.NET] Using CLR under standard Python

loocas duber loocas at duber.cz
Sun Aug 3 12:22:22 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I'm quite new to the whole PythonNET project and thus if my question will seem stupid to you, guys, please ignore it 

But, I'm looking into a way of using .NET objects (specifically windows forms etc...) for scripting rich user interfaces in my tools, but
I strictly need to use Python interpreteur only, nothing else. So, it'd be super-sweet if I could, somehow, get PythonNET run
as a module.

The thing is, I'm a visual effects technical director at a vfx company, I primarily use 3ds Max, which has a native support for .NET objects via
its MAXScript language and secondarily I use Maya, which, on the other hand, natively supports Python (it implements its own Python installation)
so I can run various modules under Maya and use it in my scripts. The last thing that I'm missing are the .NET UI objects like ListView, TreeView, buttons etc...

I've been looking around the web for a .NET module/implementation for Python, but it could have not be found anywhere. IronPython isn't the option here as I need
to use Mayas Python interpreteur for running Python code, not IronPythons own interpreteur.

I basically tried copying the clr.pyd in the DLLs folder under Python25 (btw: I'm on Windows), it recognized it, but when trying to import the clr module it threw and error:
"ImportError: dynamic module does not define init functino (initclr)"
and that's where my "thorough" :D knowledge of PythonNET comes to an end.

Do you have any tips/tricks on how to make PythonNET, or rather the clr, run under regular Python? (ver 2.4 up)

Thanks a lot in advance, cheers,

Lukas "loocas" Dubeda
lead technical director
UPP Prague
loocas at upp.cz
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