[Python.NET] Cannot initialize OLE

Daniele Esposti expo at expobrain.net
Mon Dec 1 14:53:29 CET 2008

Hi all,

if I run my application (a wxPython frame with a wx.Activex Flash 
component) with the python.exe in pythonnet folder its work like expected.
Instead, if I run my application with the standard Python interpreter, 
with clr.pyd in DLLs folder and Python.Runtime.dll in the same 
interpreter folder, I get a warnings says Cannot initialize OLE and the 
ActiveX is locked.
I'm using Python 2.5.2 on a Windows XP SP3 machine, PythonNet 
2.0-alpha2-clr2.0 compiled with VisualStudio Express 2008.

Have I missing something ? Only clr.pyd and Python.Runtime.dll are 
needed or there are others resources to copy in Python interpreter folder ?

Thanks in advance

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