[Python.NET] importing the dll using Python on net 2.0

Kaveripakam, Sathish Sathish.Kaveripakam at phonak.com
Tue Jan 22 16:53:32 CET 2008

Hi All,
I was using  a setup wherein I have python scripts importing the C# dll
(on Python on net 1.0 and Dll is compiled on .nET 1.0) 
Now, my new input dll is compiled for .NET 2.0. To ensure my python
scripts import the C# dll , I started to use the Python ON net 2.0 Alpha
2 version.But I am having problems in importing the dll .
Here is my snapshot of the code which used to work using python on
import CLR.System.Reflection import Assembly
def load():
         name= "x1.dll"
         import CLR.x.y.z as z
When the above sample code is compiled on python on net 2.0, I got a
warning "DeprecationWarning: Importing from the CLR.* namespace is
deprecated" and it gives DLL Exception, when I try to use the elements
of the dll.
Hence I was wondering does the Version 2.0 of python on net has any
special way of porting the dll's compiled on .NET 2.0. Could any one
please let me know, how to handle the CLR issues on Python On net 2.0 ?
PS:- I could able to add the reference for the above dll in a stand
alone C# project and I havent found any problems.

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