[Python.NET] Python.Net with Boa under Linux

Joe Frayne Jfrayne at blizzard.com
Fri May 30 19:25:45 CEST 2008

Hi Serge,


I got it working with Python2.5 and Mono 1.9 on MacOSX 10.5.2, but I think it is broken again under Mono 1.9.1. I checked in all my changes, but no new package has been created, so you have to rebuild everything yourself (which it sounds like you are doing).


Here's what I did for MacOSX:


1. Build a UCS-2 version of Python.Runtime.dll on Windows.

2. Build the clr.so on MacOSX (see README.txt for specifics).

3. Copy the clr.so, the Python.Runtime.dll, and the \trunk\pythonnet\doc\Python.Runtime.dll.config to the site-packages folder.

4. Copy all your other .NET .dlls to the site-packages folder.


I'm not sure if you need to do anything differently for Linux.




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I currently use Python 2.5, Boa constructor 0.6.1 under Windows and Linux Mandrake. On a motion control CPU card, running Linux on Power PC, there is a Mono, C# dll server. To communicate with under Windows XP, I had to recompile the Python-Runtime project with VS C#. It works now fine under Boa: I can import clr and do the following:
                lib = clr.AddReference("PPmacClassLibrary")
                from PPmacClassLibrary import PPmacDeviceClass
                self.pmac = PPmacDeviceClass(HOST, "PythonPmac", port)

Under Linux, it is not possible to do the same, I tryed to use clr.so and Python-Runtime.dll and the error message is : "impossible to load the assembly".
Could you tell me how to solve that ? I am not familar with C# and Mono. Do I have to recompile under Mono and how to do ? I don't understand well how it works on Linux.
Thanks a lot for your help




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