[Python.NET] Adding support for .NET 1.1 i trunk - is it possible?

Bernt Røskar Brenna bernt.brenna at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 10:49:17 CEST 2008

At least for me it would be useful to have support for .NET 1.1. I am
aware of the 1.0-branch, but I would like to benefit from the 2.5 and
2.6 work that has been done i trunk, as well as any bugfixes not
merged from trunk to 1.0-branch.

I am therefore looking into adding support for 1.1 in trunk. As I am
new to Python.net, it would be nice if someone more knowledgeable had
a quick peek at my planned approach.

Would the following approach work?:

- Where generics is used in Runtime, using conditional compilation to replace:

List<string> aList;
aList = new List<string>();


List_of_string aList;
aList = new List_of_string();

OR: Might possibly create sed scripts or similar to create *.net11.cs
files with generics declarations replaced instead.

The various List_of_ and Dictionary_of_ classes would be code
generated and placed in a single code file.

- Use conditional compilation to isolate all GenericUtil-related code.

- Create makefile.net11 for build

Does anyone have any advice to offer, reasons this approach won't
work, insights into how the task is vastly more complicated than I
think etc.?


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