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Wan, Ronald rwan at ea.com
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Thanks for the reply Maksim.  I'm still getting the same error even when
I granted Full Trust to Local Intranet... don't know why...






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I've seen a similar error when running from the network, and it was due
to a .NET Security policy.

To isolate, you could try to change .NET Security Policy and grant Local
Intranet a  "Full Trust"

On 9/15/08 6:17 PM, "Wan, Ronald" <rwan at ea.com> wrote:


Has any had any success with integrating Python.NET with Apache?
Python.NET works very well locally, say if I run the most basic thing

import clr

in the python command line.  However, when I try to do the same thing
through apache, python always dumps out

SystemError: dynamic module not initialized properly

Currently, I'm running...

Windows XP


Python 2.5

.NET Framework 2.0

The latest Python.NET release

Does any have any suggestions of what I can do to fix this?  Thanks!

Thanks in advance,



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