[Python.NET] Q2: py.net problems w/python 2.6.2

Nicolas Lelong nico_ml at mgdesign.fr
Thu Jan 28 10:49:33 CET 2010

Le 26/01/2010 00:39, Hamilton Link a écrit :
> Could anyone conveniently try python.net with python 2.6.2?  I am 
> seeing two fatal problems in my lightly-patched python.net.

I'm currently running Python.NET in Python 2.6.2 on Windows for a few 
weeks. I tried your sample code, and everything works fine. I'm not 
using Mono though, but regular Microsoft .NET.

I had a few issues at the beginning, as my (patched) version of 
Python.NET was not up to date with the Python.NET trunk. My vendor 
branch tells me I updated from Python.NET rev.98 to rev.101 and my 
problems went away (for now).


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