[Python.NET] Better doc strings.

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Well done sir!

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I just pushed the initial DocStringAttribute mods to the trunk:

* Python.Runtime now exposes a public class called DocStringAttribute
with usage = AttributeTargets.All

* Decorating .NET classes and methods has passed initial tests on Mono.

### test.cs ##
using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using Python.Runtime;

namespace PinvokeTest
	[DocStringAttribute("Interface class to external functions.")]
	public class Invoke {
		[DocStringAttribute("External funtion simulation: WriteToFile(char) 
will write a char to the terminal.")]
         	public static void WriteToFile(char arg) {
             		Console.WriteLine("Writing {0}", arg);

## test.py ##
import clr
clr.AddReference("SimpleLibTest")   # the name of the .NET or Mono assembly
import PinvokeTest
from PinvokeTest import Invoke      # .NET or Mono namespace maps to a 
python module
                                     # so grab the class from there 
using import
Invoke.WriteToFile('a')             # Now call a method on the class
print "Function docstring:",
print Invoke.WriteToFile.__doc__
print "Class docstring:", Invoke.__doc__
i = Invoke()
print "Instance docstring:", i.__doc__

On 03/28/2011 10:44 AM, Brad Byrd wrote:
I'm trying to provide better documentation for some C# classes that are 
called from Python.  Ideally, I'd like to markup my class in C#, either 
with the standard XML comments or with something like a 
[PythonDocAttribute], and have this documentation show up as the __doc__ 
string for the method or class in Python.  That way, the clients of my 
wrapped objects will see nice tool-tips on my classes as they code away 
in their IDE.

So, is this easily done?  Has anyone else crossed this bridge before? 
Does something already exist that would work before I start hacking on 
the Python.NET source?

(Also, are the archives of the list searchable somewhere?  I just saw 
clickable-by-month archives, not searchable.)



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