[Python.NET] Several patches to improve compilation with Mono

Bradley Friedman brad at fie.us
Sun Aug 28 20:02:43 CEST 2011

For what it's worth, I dug these patches out of the mailing list a month or so ago and had success running on a modern Ubuntu 64bit and some success with OSX.


On Aug 28, 2011, at 1:42 PM, Barton wrote:

> First; thank you very much, Philip.
> Second; I apologize for letting this slip for so long.
> Somehow these patches sank low on my list. Then when I went to build on Fedora, I didn't make use of your very helpful and parallel work. I'll be applying patches and testing on Fedora FC15 in the very short term.
> Thank you once again for your invaluable experience,
> Barton
> On 05/04/2011 06:24 AM, Philip Lorenz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> after trying to compile Python for .NET on ArchLinux x86_64 I have run
>> into several issues which the attached patches fix:
>> 1. Enable Mono config file loading. Otherwise a Python build with UCS4
>> Unicode strings does not work as the Mono.Posix module cannot find
>> msvcrt (which is mapped to libc in Mono's config files).
>> 2. Python.Runtime.dll.config is missing mappings for Python 2.7
>> 3. The architecture detection code in the Makefile did not work
>> correctly (checking for the 86 substring is true for both x86 as well as
>> x86_64 targets).
>> 4. I have renamed the clrmodule.il target in the Makefile to
>> clrmodule_make.il. Otherwise a fresh SVN checkout would not build as
>> clrmodule.il is already included.
>> 5. Adapt the clrmod Makefile to support Mono 2.8 pkgconfig change.
>> Additionally, retrieve Glib 2 options from its pkgconfig and compile
>> the x86_64 build with -fPIC.
>> 6. Support the standard DESTDIR parameter for the install target.
>> Additionally, install Python.Runtime.dll and Python.Runtime.dll.config
>> to the site-packages folder so it is found by the clr module.
>> If you have any comments or if there are any issues with these patches
>> please let me know.
>> Philip
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