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Hi Emmanuel,

The basic differences are highlighted in several discussions like


short IronPython is a complete managed implementation of Python interpreter
in .NET (developed parallel to the regular Python or CPython), just like
Jython. Python for .NET on the other hand is a .NET wrapper around the
CPython interpreter providing access to the CPython from .NET application
and back. There are differences in implementation (e.g. no GIL in
IronPython) and in the accessibility of the libraries (no access to the C
libraries from IronPython out of box).

I am also interested in any hints to the roadmaps of the both products.
IronPython seem to be more mature, but it is also way more effort than
Python for .NET. So far I have difficulties to choose strategically for
either one as both are lagging behind the solid community of CPython.
Comments are more than welcome!

2011/1/10 Emmanuel Lambert <emmanuel.lambert at intec.ugent.be>

> Dear all,
> I was wondering : what is the difference between PythonDotNet and
> IronPython? It looks like IronPython is rapidly becoming a maturing
> implementation for the .NET platform, with also a plugin for Visual
> Studio becoming available : http://ironpython.net/
> The distinction between the two implementations, future roadmaps, etc,
> is not clear to me. Any comments are welcome...
> regards
> Emmanuel
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