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Emmanuel Lambert emmanuel.lambert at intec.ugent.be
Mon Jan 10 13:18:44 CET 2011

Hi Oleksii Bidiuk,

While access to the native Python libraries is apprently a nice feature
of "Python for .NET", I don't think it is very useful in real-world .NET
centric projects (in a corporate environment for example). 
An implementation like IronPython restricts itself to the use of
native .NET features and thus cannot cause dangerous side-effects that
inflict memory leak for example. With "Python for .NET", that is not the
Therefore, in my opinion, IronPython looks like an implementation that
is potentially useful for real-world projects, while "Python for .NET"
looks more experimental in its nature...


On Mon, 2011-01-10 at 09:55 +0100, Oleksii Bidiuk wrote:
> Hi Emmanuel,
> The basic differences are highlighted in several discussions like 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1168914/ironpython-vs-python-net
> In short IronPython is a complete managed implementation of Python
> interpreter in .NET (developed parallel to the regular Python or
> CPython), just like Jython. Python for .NET on the other hand is
> a .NET wrapper around the CPython interpreter providing access to the
> CPython from .NET application and back. There are differences in
> implementation (e.g. no GIL in IronPython) and in the accessibility of
> the libraries (no access to the C libraries from IronPython out of
> box). 
> I am also interested in any hints to the roadmaps of the both
> products. IronPython seem to be more mature, but it is also way more
> effort than Python for .NET. So far I have difficulties to choose
> strategically for either one as both are lagging behind the solid
> community of CPython. Comments are more than welcome!
> 2011/1/10 Emmanuel Lambert <emmanuel.lambert at intec.ugent.be>
>         Dear all,
>         I was wondering : what is the difference between PythonDotNet
>         and
>         IronPython? It looks like IronPython is rapidly becoming a
>         maturing
>         implementation for the .NET platform, with also a plugin for
>         Visual
>         Studio becoming available : http://ironpython.net/
>         The distinction between the two implementations, future
>         roadmaps, etc,
>         is not clear to me. Any comments are welcome...
>         regards
>         Emmanuel
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