[Python.NET] PythonDotNet - IronPyton

Laszlo Sebo laszlo.sebo at primefocusworld.com
Mon Jan 10 19:48:31 CET 2011

Hi Emmanuel,

Python.Net lets you use .net assemblies from within any cpython 
environment. You can't do that via ironpython.
So you can integrate common .net libraries with applications that have 
their own python interpreters. We use this quite heavily integrating 
.net with maya, nuke and a lot of standalone python tools.

So i would say, ironpython is used best when your host environment is 
.net, and python.net is used best if the host environment is python.


On 10/01/2011 4:18 AM, Emmanuel Lambert wrote:
> Hi Oleksii Bidiuk,
> While access to the native Python libraries is apprently a nice feature
> of "Python for .NET", I don't think it is very useful in real-world .NET
> centric projects (in a corporate environment for example).
> An implementation like IronPython restricts itself to the use of
> native .NET features and thus cannot cause dangerous side-effects that
> inflict memory leak for example. With "Python for .NET", that is not the
> case.
> Therefore, in my opinion, IronPython looks like an implementation that
> is potentially useful for real-world projects, while "Python for .NET"
> looks more experimental in its nature...
> Emmanuel

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