[Python.NET] Fwd: PythonNET 2.0 Alpha2 and .NET 4.0

Oleksii Bidiuk oleksii.bidiuk at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 15:15:34 CET 2011

Hi Barton,

thanks for the update! I've got the latest version, but the changes to the
classmanager.cs do not seem to compile

// Implement Overloads on the class object
ConstructorBinding ctors = new ConstructorBinding(type, tp, co.binder);
// ExtensionType types are untracked, so don't Incref() them.
// XXX deprecate __overloads__ soon...
Runtime.PyDict_SetItemString(dict, "__overloads__", ctors.pyHandle);
Runtime.PyDict_SetItemString(dict, "Overloads", ctors.pyHandle);

as the new class is called 'ConstructorBinder' (instead of
ConstructorBinding) and it does not have a matching constructor. I am trying
to figure out the details, but I assume you will have to push new version

Further I assume this only fixes the proper constructor overloading. I am
still interested in the .NET 4.0 and VS2010 support. Can you shed some light
on that? What changes do you expect for proper .NET 4.0 support? I see the
clrmodule.il and the buildclrmodule.bat refering to 2.0 runtime. Is it
enough to change these two?

2011/1/16 Barton <barton at bcdesignswell.com>

>  This has been pushed to the trunk @ version 122 on the 9th of January,
> 2011.
> See the Tracker/Patches for details.
> On 1/11/2011 6:17 AM, Oleksii Bidiuk wrote:
> Hi Barton,
>  do you still have any plans to work on the merge? I am curious what the
> changes are (how much, what impact do they have) and whether there something
> can be done to help you with this.
>  Thanks in advance!
>  2011/1/7 Barton <barton at bcdesignswell.com>
>>  I've got this working on my private (for the moment) branch.  I could do
>> this merge by this weekend if folks will find it useful.
>> -Barton
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