[Python.NET] Passing .NET objects to Python

Meredith, Christopher Christopher.Meredith at nuance.com
Mon Jun 6 00:06:09 CEST 2011



I have a test framework written in C# that handles test execution,
logging, reporting, etc., and some tests for some of our hardware that
are written in Python.  Ideally, I'm wanting to call Setup(), Run() and
TearDown() methods defined in Python scripts, passing them an instance
of the object I have that handles logging as a parameter (or defining it
globally from the perspective of the loaded script).  Whilst I can find
methods that load entire Python scripts and call them from .NET, I can't
seem to find anything in the documentation or defined publicly in
Python.Runtime.dll.  Is this doable?  Is this documented?



Chris Meredith

Test Engineer, North American Embedded Professional Services

Email: christopher.meredith at nuance.com

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