[Python.NET] Is there a chance to imprive Python for .net to let "System.Windows.Forms.Form().Controls" be indexable?

Barton barton at BCDesignsWell.com
Sat Sep 3 05:17:33 CEST 2011

Very interesting;
Apparently, Microsoft doesn't think that it is a useful thing to index 
directly into a System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlCollection Class.
The collection is still iterable in versions above 2.0, but the class no 
longer supports indexing. So:

 >>> print form.Controls[0]         # works in pythondotnet built on 
.NET 2.0 on prior.
<System.Windows.Forms.Button object at 0xaa8bc6c>

for ctrl in form.Controls:
     print ctrl    # works in .NET 3.0 and above.

and you'll see that all ICollection and IList properties have been removed.

Reasons why are a good topic for future discussion.

On 8/31/2011 10:30 PM, 刘振海 wrote:
> Hi,
> here  is the code:
> import clr
> clr.AddReference("System.Windows.Forms")
> from System.Windows.Forms import Form,Application,Button
> form=Form()
> form.Controls.Add(Button())
> print form.Controls[0] #this code didnt work with an error say "not 
> indexable object"
> but this worked in ironpython,it seems in ironpython it treats the 
> "form.Controls" as an list like object
> I can only get the form.Controls value use the 
> "form.Controls.get_Item(0)" in the python for .net
> So is there a chance to imprive Python for .net to have 
> that characteristic?
> thanks
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