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Re: Python for .NET.

I have created a Clr example which instantiates and manipulates objects of type System.String.
When I try to have it access the HelloWorld-esque object that I have written in VB.net python throws an error on my import statement.
In the docs on "Python for .NET" there's no discussion on what form the .NET code must be in to be reachable, in terms of namespaces, modules and classes.
Here's my code. I've tried encapsulating my class in Namespace and Module wrappers no avail.  Perhaps the lack of a PublicKeyToken is an ssue.
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I thought the process was fairly simple.
0. The inclusion of python.exe in the .zip merits annotating as optional.
1. The readme should probably discuss the need to sys.path.append('c:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\Clr').
2. I thought the filename, Python.Runtime.dll, was too generic.  Is it within your abilities to name it more specifically, such as PythonForNet.Runtime.dll
3. There's no reference section for the methods of clr. (ex: what is the parameter to and usage of ListAssemblies?)

Scot Kelly.

ps: a little revolution now and then is a good thing

python code:
import sys

sys.path.append('c:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\Clr') #Contains two files: clr.pyd and Python.Runtime.dll.
import clr

def CallMicrosoftStringClass():
    #from System import String as DotNetString
    #print clr.ListAssemblies()

    print 'Welcome to CallMicrosoftStringClass.'
    a = DotNetString('SomeTyping')
    print 'a is a instance of ' + a.__class__.__name__
    print 'a', a
    b = DotNetString(a.PadRight(15, 'x'))
    print 'b', b
    c = DotNetString(b.Insert(2,'abc'))
    print 'c', c
    d = c.ToUpper() #note: not calling construtor of DotNetString here.
    print 'd', d
    print 'd is a instance of ' + d.__class__.__name__
    print 'Leaving CallMicrosoftStringClass.'

def CallObjectTwo():
    #Import System
    print '1111.a'
    print clr.FindAssembly("CallbackExample")
    print '1111.b'
    #print dir(clr)
    for e in clr.ListAssemblies(0):
        print e
    print '1111.c'
    for e in clr.ListAssemblies(1):
        print e
    print '1111.d'
    #from Namspacexyz import ObjectTwo as ObjDos
    #import CallbackExample
    import ObjectTwo
    print '2222'

    print 'Welcome to CallObjectTwo.'
    #a = ObjectDos('SomeTyping')
    #print 'a is a instance of ' + a.__class__.__name__
    print 'Leaving CallObjectTwo.'

print '  '
print '  '
print '  '
print '  '
print '  '
print '  '
print '  '
#for element in sys.path:
#  print element
print 'Welcome to Scots_ClrExample      '*3
print 'Finished with Scots_ClrExample      '*3

VB.net code:
Imports System
'Imports System.Collections.ArrayList

'Imports System.Collections
'Imports System.Threading
'Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
'Imports System.Data.Sql
'Imports System.Data.SqlTypes
'Imports Microsoft.SqlServer.Server
''Imports System.Win32Native

'How to compile:
' cd "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Sql Server"
' path=%path%;%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727
' vbc /target:library  "CallbackExample.vb" | more

Public Namespace NSPC

'Public Module CallbackExample

  'Demo callback functionality
  Public Class ObjectTwo
     Public Shared Function HelloWorld() as string
          return "Hello World from ObjectTwo !!"
     End Function

      Public Shared Function TestCallBack(obj As Object) As string
          Dim sResult as string
          sResult = "Hello"
          sResult = "Goodbye"
          return sResult 'new SqlChars(CSTR(sResult))
      End Function
  End Class

'End Module
End Namespace

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