[Python.NET] Is Python .NET Alive?

Brian Lloyd brian.d.lloyd at gmail.com
Wed May 16 05:11:00 CEST 2012

Not dying -- its just a flesh wound! :^) At the end of the day Python for
.NET is a pretty niche thing, so there is not a ton of activity, but Barton
and others have been really great about giving it some cycles and being
responsive to people on the list. The project predates IronPython, so that
may be the de-facto answer for why some people have chosen to use it. In
any case, there are plenty of people using it to solve some interesting
integration problems. If the current code can bridge your gap, it's worth
giving it a shot.

That said, if you think you will need to be tracking the leading edge of
either Python or .NET development then Python for .NET or IronPython might
not be the right path, as right now I'm not sure either project has enough
contributors with enough "skin in the game" to commit to significant
upgrades (support for Python 3.x, future versions of .NET/CLR etc.). In
that case you might be better off wrapping your motion control lib using
the unsafe / FFI features of the CLR directly rather than mucking with
ctypes. Not to scare you off, just my 0.02 ;^)

- Brian

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 9:30 PM, Kenny Koller <Kenny_Koller at bio-rad.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to access both a managed and unmanaged DLL. The
> former gives me access to a high resolution encoder via USB and the latter
> our motion control system also via USB using ctypes.
> I'll need to mix this kind of this often during our development cycle and
> I'm looking for a long term solution.
> IronPython works surprisingly well but I'm not sure IronClad is quite
> there to give me access to ctypes. Also the load time is slow when running
> scripts quickly back-to-back which I do often.
> Python for .NET looks to be a nice solution because I can access the
> CPython stuff without worry but I find the documentation lacking and it's
> unclear how active this project is. On the documentation side I just find
> these .zip downloads but I could not find the installers that are mentioned
> to integrate with an existing 2.7 installation Python.
> So is this dying? Will you share with me why you are using this rather
> than IronPython?
> I hope this doesn't sound harsh. I think these kinds of efforts are
> fantastic.
> Thanks,
> Kenny
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