[Python.NET] Is Python .NET Alive?

Brad Friedman brad at fie.us
Wed May 16 06:24:12 CEST 2012

MoCo eh?  You may want to look into cython. It's a good complimentary tech. I find that looking for binary releases of python.net is futile. I do the equivalent of static compiling into my projects. 

Even if you get the right python version... 32 vs 64?  Pyuic 2 vs 4?  Too many variables. 

If you do the "right thing" and listen to supported version info, you can't get a single module built binary compatible between RHEL linux's python, and autodesk Maya's statically linked python. Why should python.net work without compiling separate versions too?

Once you accept that c python isn't binary compatible with itself, compiling python.net  into your apps and environment makes a lot more sense.

You might also consider RPC approaches. Pickle works in both. I've considered looking into pyro to communicate between cpython and iron python as well. I keep coming back to python.net though. 

On May 15, 2012, at 9:30 PM, Kenny Koller <Kenny_Koller at bio-rad.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to access both a managed and unmanaged DLL. The former gives me access to a high resolution encoder via USB and the latter our motion control system also via USB using ctypes.
> I'll need to mix this kind of this often during our development cycle and I'm looking for a long term solution.
> IronPython works surprisingly well but I'm not sure IronClad is quite there to give me access to ctypes. Also the load time is slow when running scripts quickly back-to-back which I do often.
> Python for .NET looks to be a nice solution because I can access the CPython stuff without worry but I find the documentation lacking and it's unclear how active this project is. On the documentation side I just find these .zip downloads but I could not find the installers that are mentioned to integrate with an existing 2.7 installation Python.
> So is this dying? Will you share with me why you are using this rather than IronPython?
> I hope this doesn't sound harsh. I think these kinds of efforts are fantastic.
> Thanks,
> Kenny
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