[Python.NET] Getting started with Python for .NET

Liam Corrigan Liam.Corrigan at allenvanguard.com
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You do not need to add the extension in the AddReference call.
Just clr.AddReference("DotNet4Class")
From DotNet4Class import *


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I'm completely new to Python for .Net, and I actually have very little experience with Python and no experience with C#.  So please forgive me if my question seems very basic.

I'm using Python 2.7.3, and I downloaded
pythonnet-2.0-alpha2-clr2.0_131_py27_UCS2 and unzipped it into a folder named pyfornet_test, which also contains the dll I'm trying to use (called

Then I run this:
import sys
import os
import clr

Which gives me this error:
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Unable to find assembly 'DotNet4Class.dll'.
   at Python.Runtime.CLRModule.AddReference(String name) in C:\Users\Barton\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\PyShar p\trunk\pythonnet\src\runtime\moduleobject.cs:line 375

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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