[Python.NET] Loading C# DLLs from CPython

Alex Campbell acampbell at ltufz.com
Wed Mar 20 17:16:50 CET 2013


We need to access C# managed DLLs from CPython. The obvious choice is
IronPython, but this is not easily possible since we can't swap out the
interpreter. We saw Pythonnet, and from the description it seemed that it
would provide a package for accessing C# from Python.

Unfortunately, rather than a module, it seems to be just the interpreter
(which doesn't avoid the issue of not being able to swap the interpreter

The only other solution we see is to use nPython or IronPython to make a
COM interface, access this COM interface using a python library, and
importing that python library into CPython.

Does anyone see a less convoluted way of doing this?

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