[Python.NET] how to load and execute py file which consumes a thrid part C-based python extension in C# code

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Thank you, Bradley.
I found a simple sample code on the maillist. Now I could load and execute a pure python function in a py file in C#. 

And a new problem is that the PythonEngine.ImportModule("modulename") method always return NULL in my case. The modulename.py comsumes a third part ctypes wrapped library (the Rtree 0.7 python library). It seems the PythonEngine can not find it, but actually it has been installed to the default path (C:\Python262\Lib\site-packages\rtree) , and the modulename.py file runs smoothly under python command line. 
I worte a new py file which only contains a function returning the sys.path, and load it in C#, the sys.path seems OK.
So I don't know what's wrong....


Zhiyu Li



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What you are looking to do is "embed" a python interpreter in your .net project, using pythonnet, and then tell the runtime to execute your python script. 

I have done this in one of my projects. It does work. 


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On Mar 28, 2013, at 8:31 AM, "lizy10b" <lizy10b at 126.com> wrote:

Hi there,
   I am a freshman and new to python.net. 
I have a *.py script which calls a third part python library, and the library is a ctypes python wrapper of a C++ dll (or say C-based python extension?).
Frist I tried to make it using IronPython. IronPython works well when I load a pure python *.py (no third part libraries) file and execute it in C# code. 
But it failed when I load a *.py which comsumes a thrid part ctypes python wrapper library mentioned above.

Then I turn to python.net. But I don't know how to load and execute *.py in C# code using python.net.


Zhiyu Li


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