[Python.NET] Moving the project to github

davidacoder davidacoder at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 23 20:16:24 CET 2013

+1 on that!

I would love to see the official code base move to git and ideally
github.com. The current situation, with an official very inactive repository
and forks that are more current is really not good for the project. I also
simply think that if the project was on github it would be easier to find
people to contribute.

I guess the main question is whether the three maintainers of the official
project think this is a good idea, and if yes, then to do the migration. I'd
be happy to help with the latter.


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As has been mentioned on the list here, Tony Roberts' version in github is
currently the most actively maintained version of python dot net:


As I understand things, the original author, Brian Lloyd is still active in
the project, but has less time to work on it than previously.

It would be good if work could consolidate on a single source base.    I
think moving to github would help with that, certainly makes merging Tony's
changes with the official release easier.

This is a really useful project, I am finding it wonderful to be able to use
.NET and cpython seamlessly + it would be good not to fragment the user base
by having multiple versions of the code.

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