[Python.NET] PTVS and python.NET

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I guess my preferred option would be to create a github organization and
host the repo there. So something like github.com/pythonnet/pythonnet. In
that case the organization can have multiple owners, so the whole thing is
also less dependent on one person.


If, on the other hand, one of the original maintainers wanted to host it
under their account, I would also understand that, i.e. if this is really
someone's baby.


Finally, I guess the official short name is "pythonnet", right? Or
"pythondotnet", like the mailing list alias?





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So, who is willing to be the primary maintainer of the github repository? I
think we should wait for a little while to see if Brian or Barton respond. I
see that tiran has a github account as well: https://github.com/tiran


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Great idea!





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Related to a move to github, I have been in touch with the maintainer of
PTVS asking if they are aware of this project.  It seems such a natural fit.


He would be happy to:


1.       Put a link on our "Related projects" page

2.       Identify some interesting scenarios and do a blog post

3.       Add a dedicated doc page

4.       Etc.


Subject to:


1.       The project is actively maintained

2.       Up to date docs

3.       It "works"

a.       Reliable & robust

b.      Works with PTVS (eg PTVS doesn't crash, .)


It would be great if PTVS was able to install python .NET for people (the
current install process "copy these dll's" is simple and effective, but a
direct install from PTVS would be good.


I think we would need to resolve the current situation with the code split
between github and sourceforge before we could get the endorsement from



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