[Python.NET] pip and wheel

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You are right, I had forgotten about that. I think the Client Profile is
discontinued starting with .Net 4.5, but given that Python.NET should work
with older versions as well, that doesn't really help.


Well, I guess that does mean that wheels would be nice. Either way, the
first step will be to create a working setup.py for both windows/linux/mac.





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On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 1:17 PM, davidacoder <davidacoder at hotmail.com
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After all, on windows msbuild and the c# compiler are installed by default
on pretty much any machine in any case, compile times shouldn't be much of a
problem, and so if my understanding of pip is correct, we could have full
pip support with a source release on pypi.


The .NET Client Profile is installed by default, but not the full framework
nor the developer tools.  In fact, most of the python developers I know do
not have the .NET development tools installed.  Being forced to install them
would be a barrier to entry for them.  The users of their apps definitely
don't have the compiler installed, nor should they have to.



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