[Python.NET] how to use an embedded python intepreter?

Serge WEINSTOCK serge.weinstock at uk.bnpparibas.com
Wed Aug 13 15:35:30 CEST 2014

I'm trying to use an embedded python interpreter from C# using pythonnet (the python3 compatible version found at https://github.com/renshawbay/pythonnet)

My interpreter is located in D:\src\scratch\TestPythonNet\TestPythonNet\PythonRuntime and has the "Lib" and "Libs" folder from the python distribution.

I've tested using the following code:


PythonEngine.PythonHome = @"D:\src\scratch\TestPythonNet\TestPythonNet\PythonRuntime";

PythonEngine.ProgramName = "PythonRuntime";


using (Py.GIL())





But, it doesn't work. I get a "SystemError: PyEvalCodeEx: NULL globals". Everytime I try to get an object from python, the code fails.

What am I doing wrong?

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