[Python.NET] homebrew pythonnet, versus pip install --pre pythonnet

David Anthoff anthoff at berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 4 21:38:18 CEST 2014

Ok, actually we are talking past each other. The problem Adam had apparently
has nothing to do with the migration or the pip stuff, it probably is just
caused by a bug introduced in a recent commit, the code Adam identified. We
should fix that once we have figured out all the details.


As far as I can tell building from VS still works, none of the changes made
should cause a problem for that. If they did, we should fix them, but so far
I am not aware of anything that broke building from VS.


I also want to stress that what we have on github right now is not a
released version. We are slowly working towards a release. If you find bugs
or regressions in the prerelease version, please help us to fix them. The
best way to make sure things work in your environment is to test and help


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Yes.  But the problem is: before the migration, those things DID work.  And
it was the pip/setup.py that needed to be fixed up.  It sounds like you're
saying you've sacrificed all of it just to get a pip install working for
windows.  This is extremely troubling.  I have not looked at the git branch
yet.  But now I need to investigate what exactly is going on.



On Jun 4, 2014, at 1:46 PM, David Anthoff <anthoff at berkeley.edu
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Pull requests to fix this are more than welcome :) I agree that building
from the IDE should also work, but right now there doesn't seem to be the
man power to fix all of these things.


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Umm. As an asside:  seriously?  You are only supporting setup.py builds from
this branch?  That's a problem.  <http://python.net/> Python.net is also
used to embed python. Therefore, it should build from IDE on all platforms
and also from an autotools system. 

On Jun 4, 2014, at 6:15 AM, Tony Roberts < <mailto:tony at pyxll.com>
tony at pyxll.com> wrote:

Hi Adam,


that 2.0.0.beta1 build was built from the source on github here:



You should build it using the setup.py script and not in the IDE.


There are CI builds setup for both windows and linux (see README.md) if you
want to see exactly how the wheel gets built.


Best regards,




On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 3:48 AM, Bradley Friedman < <mailto:brad at fie.us>
brad at fie.us> wrote:

Can you provide the contents of the ".Config" file that is built with your
particular build solution?  There's a pretty good chance that the
"FileNotFound" is actually mono trying to link back to Python shared
libraries.  Though to be honest, debugging is going to be your best bet
here.  You might try building in Xamarin or MonoDevelop on the mac, to be
able to debug more easily.




On Jun 3, 2014, at 7:15 PM, Tribble, Brett < <mailto:btribble at ea.com>
btribble at ea.com> wrote:

It has been a while since I've had to deal with this, but make sure that
your assembly is in the system path and/or pythonpath if it is not
registered in the GAC.


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Hi All,


Amazing library, first of all!


I am experimenting with integrating ipython / numpy / pandas for interactive
data analysis with our large existing C# codebase. We are using the Anaconda
2.0 release from ContinuumIO. With `pip install -pre pythonnet`, everything
goes as expected (great!)


However, when I build from source (in VS2013), point my PYTHONPATH to the
clr.pyd and Python.Runtime.dll that results from the build, and run my
ipython, I can do `import clr` and `ref = clr.AddReference("assemblyname")`,
but I cannot load any modules within this assembly. I get a `ImportError: No
module named .` Furthermore, if I try to do ref.ExportedTypes, I get a
`FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly .` where it cannot
find an assembly that is referenced by the original assembly. There must be
some broken loading going on. Any thoughts why this might have different
behavior than what I install via PyPI (
https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pythonnet/2.0.0.dev1)? Or, hints on how to







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