[Python.NET] [matplotlib-devel] .NET backend working

David Anthoff anthoff at berkeley.edu
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Hi Sudharshan,


Python.Net has nothing to do with IronPython, so this is probably not the
right place to find info on IronPython solutions.


I was looking for the same thing as you a couple of years ago and didn't
find anything. For a time there were some efforts to bring the scientific
python stack over to IronPython, but that effort apparently has stopped
entirely, as far as I can tell.


You might be better of using Python.Net (what this mailing list is about):
it allows you to run normal CPython, but call .Net code pretty seamlessly
from your python code. In that setup you can of course use any of the normal
plotting libraries that are available for python.





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Hello Python team,




I am a scientific computing software developer, I am trying to migrate from
matlab to C#, iron python.


I have a question is there any version of matplotlib which works in
ironpython or any open source graphing library  for iron python . 


Thank You.

Sudharshan Munikenchaiah(ETB3)

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