[Python.NET] pip install prerelease versions

David Anthoff anthoff at berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 21 22:54:49 CET 2014

Are you trying to run 1) npython.exe or are you running 2) python.exe and
then do import clr?

The first option is broken right now
(https://github.com/pythonnet/pythonnet/issues/26), the second option should
work. If this is not related to npython.exe, can you please file an issue
https://github.com/pythonnet/pythonnet/issues with precise error output and
replication steps? Much appreciated!


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    I just installed using pip as instructed, but I now get an error saying
that it can't find file or assembly Python.Runtime Version and I
can't find a file called that anywhere installed as part of the installation
process. I have some older versions of Python.Runtime but they don't work
(must be wrong version)



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