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Adam Klein aklein at bluemountaincapital.com
Mon Jun 15 21:57:03 CEST 2015

Hello all,

We are using Python.NET at BlueMountain to interface between our large .NET code base and the cpython ecosystem for interactive, exploratory computing. By way of background, I was a major contributor to the pandas library for a time; my firm is behind the Deedle library (https://github.com/BlueMountainCapital/Deedle).
To state the obvious, the project has proven hugely valuable. BlueMountain has an interest in making sure the library doesn’t languish. To that end, we’re interested in contributing to the project in terms of manpower and possibly funding development. I’d like to get a better sense of a few things:

- is there a BDFL … is Brian Lloyd still active; or is Tony Roberts steering the ship (being the top code contributor recently on github?) It looks like python 3.x integration and more recent work is happening on on renshawbay/pythonnet? Is pythonnet/pythonnet still the official repo?
- who manages releases to PyPI?
- is this PythonDotNet mailing list the appropriate clearinghouse for all discussions related to the project?
- are there other institutions that are public users of this project?
- is there an official vision or roadmap for future releases?

I see that python 3.x support looks like it’s happening on renshawbay/pythonnet (awesome). For other wish-list items or proposed contributions, is it best to start opening issues on the pythonnet/pythonnet github site? How are pull requests managed?

I’m also wondering if there’s any collective / documented knowledge about the inherent limitations and pitfalls of the library and/or where development resources are needed?


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