[Python.NET] pythonnet 2.1.0.dev1 released

Tony Roberts tony at pyxll.com
Fri Jun 26 16:39:13 CEST 2015


I've merged the changes from the renshawbay/pythonnet fork into the develop
branch in pythonnet/pythonnet and released it as 2.1.0.dev1.

Binary wheels for windows (2.6 to 3.4, x86 and x86_64) have been uploaded
to PyPI, along with the source dist for Linux and Mac. You can install it
with pip with the --pre argument:

> pip install --pre pythonnet

New features are:
 - Python 3 support
 - Managed types can be sub-classed in Python and have virtual methods
 - Uses dynamic objects for cleaner code when embedding Python
 - Better Linux support (work with or without --enable-shared configure

Now the Linux build works for Python built with and without the
--enable-shared configure option, AFAIK, there's no need for the npython
executable anymore so I've removed it. If it is still needed for some use
case I've not considered please let me know and I will reinstate it.

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