[Python.NET] Embedding a Python interactive shell in a .NET application

Saparya K spryify at gmail.com
Wed May 11 17:44:56 EDT 2016

Hello PythonNet,

I am looking to embed a Python interactive (REPL) shell in a .NET WinForms
This C# application displays a graphical visualization of some data.
Methods to manipulate the data in the C# application would be exposed via a
Python API.
The idea is to be able to interact with the data from the Python shell via
the API, and thereby updating the graphical view.

Ideally, the shell should support any valid Python syntax that is required
to use the API. This would involve:

   1. Querying a collection of data from the application via the Python API
   2. Then manipulating this collection in the Python shell
   3. Making API calls with the modified collection as an argument

I came across a few examples where an interactive shell was developed using
IronPython. A limitation with this approach is the absence of *Python
3.x* support
(and other C-compiled libraries) in IronPython. For this reason, I would
prefer to use Python.NET if it is possible.

Has anyone here tried something like this with Python.NET before? Does it
looks like what I am trying to achieve is feasible?

Any direction would be very helpful!
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