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Simunic,Kresimir Kresimir.Simunic at Reicofil.com
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Hello all,

I have Python script that basically has 3 functions, two of them I am calling only once in beginning, and one function I call regularly let's say every second.

All functions are of type to have some parameters and give back result without some state being saved between call.

I realized this calls using Python for .NET.

But, now I ask myself if I have any real advantage comparing scenario in which I would call python interpreter from C# program directly, then python program would store result in txt file and I would read it from C# program.

Can someone tell me what would be disadvantage of such approach ?

Ok, I can imagine parameter transfer is more complicated, exception handling probably also, maybe python also would need more time to perform this functions because of some initialization methods that it would have to repeat each time python interpreter is called ?



Kresimir Simunic.



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