[Python.NET] Using PyScope to set variables I can use in imported scripts

Luke, Steve Steve.Luke at moldev.com
Wed Sep 19 12:00:11 EDT 2018

I am new to Python.Net and trying to convert an application that used IronPython to embed a Python environment into a .Net application and allow the user to run Python scripts inside our application.  The part that embeds the Python environment is VB.Net (but could be C# if that would be better).

I am running into problems setting variables in the scope such that they can be used in the Python scripts we call.  I keep getting an error: NameError: global name 'Bridge' is not defined.

This is the VB code I am trying to use:


        Using (Py.GIL())
            Dim moduleName As String = "PrintToBridge"
            Dim pythonCommandLine As String = "Not used yet"

            Dim scope As PyScope = Py.CreateScope()
                scope.Set("Bridge", bridge)
                scope.Set("SetupParams", cmdLine)

                Dim script As Object = scope.Import(moduleName)
                bridge.mm.PrintMsg("Scope has Bridge:" + Str(scope.Contains("Bridge")))
            End Try
        End Using

The Python script:

def Startup(param):
    Bridge.mm.PrintMsg('Startup called')

def Docommand(param):
    Bridge.mm.PrintMsg('docommand called')

def Shutdown():
    Bridge.mm.PrintMsg('Shutdown called')

How can I set a variable such that it would be recognized by the called Python script?  Importing the script works, I can force python-y things to happen.  And the check to see if the object I want is in scope returns true.  But it still isn't available in Python.

I have tried scope.Eval(moduleName + ".Startup('" + pythonCommandLine + "')") and Exec() with locals:

                Dim locals As PyDict = New PyDict()
                locals.SetItem("Bridge".ToPython(), bridge.ToPython())
                scope.Exec(moduleName + ".Startup('" + pythonCommandLine + "')", locals)

All with the same effect.  Any ideas on how to get set variables so scripts can gain access to them?



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