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Peter Farrell funcalculus at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 20:37:24 EST 2016

Hello to the workgroup!

I'm a long-time reader and first time poster. I just listened to a podcast
with Jessica McKellar saying the PSF Is interested in getting Python
adopted by more high schools and colleges. I've done a lot of work to that
end. I think Python could revolutionize math instruction since it's
revolutionizing everything from data science to web development to modding

As a math teacher I learned some coding and passed it on to students. I've
held Python and Pi meetups here in the Bay Area. Last year I collected my
Python explorations ranging from basic turtle geometry to calculus and the
result is *Hacking Math Class with Python <http://www.farrellpolymath.com/>*,
available as a pdf on my website and coming soon to an online bookstore
near you. I've also posted dozens of tutorial videos on my YouTube channel,
mostly on doing math using Python.

I would love to teach Python to STEM teachers, and if anybody knows of a
contact person like a district technology director or coordinator please
let me know and I'll reach out.

Thank you in advance!

Peter Farrell
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