[PYTHONMAC-SIG] WPY for the mac?

jps@tfs.com jps@tfs.com
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 16:25:54 -0800

: Is anyone here familiar with WPY? How much work would it be to port
: it [to the Mac], and is it worth the trouble (i.e. how good is it)?

I *would* like to see wpy on the Mac.  There are several desirable Python
applications that I haven't ported to the Mac because it suffers from
being out of the mainstream of Python GUI options.

I've only played with wpy on Solaris, where it was fine for my modest
needs.  I did see one problem where it would block on input while holding
the Python interpreter lock.  This blocked the other threads of my application.
The fix had to be made within a library routine (whose identity I have

-jeff stearns

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Thus replies will go to Jack, not to this list.  Is this the intended behavior?

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