Steven D. Majewski sdm7g@virginia.edu
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 13:38:02 -0400 (EDT)

I'm resurrecting an old thread -- sorry I was out of town for a 
while ( visiting NIST for a non-Python workshop, but I managed 
to drop into Mike McLay's office to chat about Python developments
for a bit! ):

Re: GUI Frameworks.

 ODF (OpenDoc Framework)  2 has just been released for the Mac --

 I haven't yet played with it, so I can't comment on how well
 it would fit into Python, but the plus is that it will be cross
 platform someday ( IBM, I believe, is doing the MS-Win port. ) 
 and it supports drag&drop and embedding and other cool stuff. 
 ( IBM has a beta of OpenDoc for AIX -- I don't know if they 
  have done ODF. Sun and Apple have announced a new alliance to
 support QuickTime and some other technologies on SunOS -- perhaps
 this will hasten a Sun OpenDoc port. ) 

[ Now that I've got an alpha, on it's way to beta, of my xlisp-stat
application, I hope to get some time to play with both MacPython 
and ODF/OpenDoc/CyberDog a bit. I'll post my impression once I've
written a bit of code using ODF. I haven't programmed with CyberDog
yet, either, but as a user, I have to say it's way cool! ]

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