[PYTHONMAC-SIG] Q: How To Tell The Finder To Launch An App With A Doc?

Just van Rossum just@knoware.nl
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 03:19:30 +0200

Although this is not a Python specific question, I hope you don't mind
asking here. It's still Python related.

In my BBEdit extension in which I can send Python code to the interpreter I
would like to give a prompt when the slave script is not running, asking
the user to locate it and then: Launch The Interpreter With The Script.
I am told I have to send an AppleEvent to the Finder to do this, but I've
crawled through most of the stuff on my Inside Mac CD and I Can't Bleedin'
Find It. Does anyone know what event to send? Or what else to do? I think
Jack would also like to know, so we can also make a convenient call for
this in Python / aetools.py. No More Connection Invalid Errors. Please?

Thanks so much in advance.


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