[PYTHONMAC-SIG] ped/framework weirdness

James B. Wilkinson jimmy@CS.cofc.EDU
Tue, 13 May 1997 18:33:22 -0400

I was hoping to use the framework to do some experimenting with a project
I've been working on.  Finally got sick of trying to do it in C.  So I
started trying out the framework last week, and ped looked like a good
place to start since I want to use TE boxes.  The do_activate method in the
TEWindow class has a line       print "ACTIVATE", onoff        right at its
beginning.  I noticed that if I open two new windows in ped and click back
and forth between them, the print statement shows only *deactivate* events
in the Python output window: "ACTIVATE 0".  Furthermore, the behavior of
the grow boxes correlates with that.  Once they are gone they don't come
back unless I click in some other window, like the Python output window.
Then, when I click back in one of the editor windows, I get an activate
event in it and the grow box comes back.  Hmmm.

So I decided to put a print into the dispatch method in the framework and
see what's going on.  Well, that fixed the problem!!!  I started seeing
both deactivate and activate events (from the print line in do_activate).
So I started moving it around in the dispatch method.  Got the most
interesting results with it at the bottom:

      #print 'dispatch', name
      handler(event)    #this is the last true line of code in the method
      #print 'dispatch', name

Like this it acts as I described in the first paragraph.  If I remove the #
on the line before the handler call, everything works as I think it should.
If I put it back there and remove the # on the last line, then I get only
*activate* events when I click back and forth between two ped windows:

I'm totally confused.  If this were happening in C, I'd know what it meant,
but in an interpreted language?  Anybody got any ideas about what's going
on here?  Contributions gratefully accepted.

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