[PYTHONMAC-SIG] Changes in 'Programming Python' demos? (fwd)

Mark Lutz lutz@rmi.net
Mon, 22 Sep 97 10:45 MDT

Your mail abut changes in some of the GUI examples in Programming Python
was forwarded my way.  There were indeed some incompatible Tkinter changes
in Python 1.4.  A listing of all known example updates is available on 
the web, at "http://rmi.net/~lutz/progdiff.html".
Alternatively, to get a tar file with the updated examples (4 files), go
to "http://rmi.net/~lutz/progdiff.tar", fetch the file, untar on your
machine, and copy the 4 files to the book examples directory.
Detailed descriptions of these and other book updates appear on the book's
errata page, at: "http://rmi.net/~lutz/errata.html".  If you have trouble
accessing any of these URLs, send me an email.  These are all the result
of changes to the Tkinter module in 1.4, which were minor, but enough to
break these examples; I doubt it's an issue with the Mac platform itself.
Mark Lutz
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> Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 18:48:10 -0400
> From: "W.T. Bridgman" <wtbridgman@radix.net>
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> Subject: [PYTHONMAC-SIG] Changes in 'Programming Python' demos?
> As I've begun building my background in Python, I've been working with some
> of the demos (particularly the GUIs) in Mark Lutz's "Programming Python".
> I've encountered some problems running some of the demos from the CD-ROM.
> One problem is the call to ScrolledText in guimixin.py.  More recently,
> I've encountered a problem using formgui.py & formtest.py.
> Since I know there were some changes in Python from the 1.2-1.3 release to
> the 1.4 version I'm using on a Mac, I'm not sure if the problem is
> Mac-specific or due to changes in Python.
> If it's the latter, is there a location listing the changes required to get
> these codes running under Python 1.4?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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