[Pythonmac-SIG] just one apple event

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 12:42:42 +0100

> I don't think I stated my problem clearly. Once I build modules with 
> gensuitemodule.py I am able to make the call as I (more or less) 
> normally would. But I am left with several k of python code that I 
> don't necessarily need or want. Somewhere in the files created by 
> gensuitemodule.py Python sends the appleevent "misc, dosc, 
> "----":"workspace.foo", &tran:63464" to "LAND". That event is 
> identical to the one sent by the applescript one liner I can write to 
> do this job except for the &tran which is replaced with &subj:'null'()
> For instance, in UserTalk (which bears a striking resemblance to 
> Python) there is the following call: appleevent("LAND", "misc", 
> "dosc", "----", "workspace.foo") which is pretty self explanatory.

The gensuitemodule stuff is all meant to isolate you from these low-level 
details. If you want to do the lowlevel stuff yourself (but be aware that 
you're also responsible for argument conversion and such) you can do it like 

dummy, rv, dummy2 = aetools.Talker("LAND").send("misc", "dosc",

rv will again be a dictionary mapping 4-char keys to return values. You may 
want to add the optional start=1 argument (to fire up the app if needed) to 
the Talker call.
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