[Pythonmac-SIG] just one apple event

Bill Bedford billpy@mousa.demon.co.uk
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:00:03 +0000

At 12:19 pm -0800 12/12/99, Dante wrote:

>I don't think I stated my problem clearly. Once I build modules with 
>gensuitemodule.py I am able to make the call as I (more or less) 
>normally would. But I am left with several k of python code that I 
>don't necessarily need or want. Somewhere in the files created by 
>gensuitemodule.py Python sends the appleevent "misc, dosc, 
>"----":"workspace.foo", &tran:63464" to "LAND". That event is 
>identical to the one sent by the applescript one liner I can write 
>to do this job except for the &tran which is replaced with 
>For instance, in UserTalk (which bears a striking resemblance to 
>Python) there is the following call: appleevent("LAND", "misc", 
>"dosc", "----", "workspace.foo") which is pretty self explanatory.
>What I want is the python version of this one liner and I can't seem 
>to figure out where I go for this.

You build a wrapper module that does just this for you. See 
Python->Mac->Lib->findertools.py for an example of this for the 
finder. This gives a syntax which is similar to Applescript, i.e.

in applescript you have

Tell application "finder" to sleep

in Python its


A word of caution. Python only allocates/can use one transaction 
number per session. So if your script calls do_script more than once 
it will fail. So far I have only found this to be a problem scripting 
Hypercard, where there are lots of alternatives, but YMMV
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