[Pythonmac-SIG] RE: editor for python on the mac

Rob Managan managan@llnl.gov
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 08:34:00 -0700

At 4:54 PM -0700 7/20/99, Christopher Barker wrote:
>Has anyone written a Python mode for the Alpha editor for the mac?

One exists. There are some problems with indentation depending on how 
the tabs are set but it works fine. I will attach it to a private 
email. I agree that Alpha is a great tool. You might check with 
Vincent Darley <darley@fas.harvard.edu> who has done a lot of work 
with Alpha.

>I know a lot of folks like the IDE, but it has a few shortcoming for me:
>1) can't interact with tkinter.
>2) indents differently that emacs python mode (tabs). I go back and
>forth between the two a lot, so that's a pain.
>3) no colorization. (is this in the works?)
>Has anyone use MPW (Macintosh Programmers Workshop) for Python
>development? I think Apple now gives it away for free, and it seems to
>give you most of the power of the UNIX command line on a Mac.
I think the problem here is the network support (read GUSI) is not up 
to date on MPW. That and I think a lot of the shared library support 
would need tweaking.  Since I have already said more than I know I 
will leave it at that.

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