[Pythonmac-SIG] whither time.strptime?

Joseph J. Strout joe@strout.net
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 08:24:08 -0800

At 7:51 PM -0800 03/03/99, savageb wrote:

>I'm really glad you brought this up. I found the 'strptime' module (though I
>don't have the URL here -- it is at work), but I am very interested in
>seeing the other time modules available for the Mac.

But I'm confused -- from what I can tell (from docs and docstrings),
strptime isn't supposed to be a module, it's supposed to be a function
within the time module.

Jack?  Any idea what's the deal with this?

>... the more interesting time modules
>available with Zope seem to be dependant upon the 'mxtime' module which
>needs to be compiled.
>I know I personally could use this functionality immediately. Unfortunately
>I don't know anything about compiling C extensions. If someone were to
>compile this module I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to download

Well, I can probably do it -- though note that you can do relative times
and intervals with the standard time module as well; there's really no
reason to need a new compiled module for that.  But if nobody else
volunteers, I'll try to compile this for you -- but it probably won't be
till next week, as the rest of this week is quite busy for me.

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