[Pythonmac-SIG] whither time.strptime?

savageb savageb@pacbell.net
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 21:53:55 -0800

>>... the more interesting time modules
>>available with Zope seem to be dependant upon the 'mxtime' module which
>>needs to be compiled.
> Well, I can probably do it -- though note that you can do relative times
> and intervals with the standard time module as well; there's really no
> reason to need a new compiled module for that.  But if nobody else
> volunteers, I'll try to compile this for you -- but it probably won't be
> till next week, as the rest of this week is quite busy for me.

Hmm... you mean convert a date into seconds (combination of strptime &
time.mktime) then subtract then divide the result by something? That will
get me working in the meantime.

I downloaded GCC for the Mac, if I can figure out how to compile mxDateTime
tomorrow I will send word that you don't have to bother, as well as putting
the binary someplace accessible for others to download if they want it. If
it turns out that I flounder for hours with no idea of what I'm doing, and
never accomplish a damn thing, I won't be mentioning it on the list. In
other words, assume I'm incompetent unless you hear otherwise.